용기사 닌자의 길 히스/대사


I am Heath, a wyvern rider formerly from Bern. If you're looking for a ninja, I'm ready to serve.俺はヒース。ベルンの竜騎士崩れだが腕には自信がある。忍者の役回りも責任を持ってこなしてみせるぜ。

Maybe I should ask Legault for some tips on covert operations... Nah, better not associate with his type.隠密行動ってのはどうも苦手だ。得意そうなのはラガルトか?いやいや、あいつとは関わるまい…
I want to serve a lord who puts the people first and does not give in to selfish desires.私利私欲に溺れるより一番に民を思いやれる…そんな主のために俺は働きたい。
When I think of skill with a bow, I think of Lady Louise. Ah, but now is not the time to reminisce...弓と言えばルイーズ様の見事な腕前を思い出すな…ダメだダメだ。今は祭りに集中しろ!
If I want to tail someone from above, all I have to do is get on Hyperion... so long as he's actually awake.ハイペリオンがいれば上空からの偵察もお手のものさ。って、今は腹一杯で眠そうにしてるな。
I do not consider myself the stealthy sort. Even as a ninja, I prefer a fair and straightforward fight.背後からっていうのは性に合わないな。忍者といえど正々堂々勝負したいところだ。

친구 방문

I am Heath, a wyvern rider—well, at present, a ninja. I have something for you from [Friend].[フレンド]の騎士…いえ、今は忍者として仕えているヒースです。こちらをお納めください。

레벨 업

You'd be proud of me, Commander Vaida. I've finally found a place where I can fight with a clear conscience.ヴァイダ隊長…俺は戦う場所を見つけましたよ!
Show me an opening, and I will strike without hesitation! That's what a ninja would do, right?俺はその隙を見逃さない…!どうだ、さまになってきただろ?
A ninja must be calm and collected at all times. Flying off the handle will get me nowhere.忍者ってのは冷静沈着でないとな。熱くなりすぎないように気をつけないと。


I am proud, at last, to risk my life and limb for a lord who's truly worthy of my service.よい主に恵まれたようだな。命をかける甲斐がある!

5성 40레벨 달성

I'm a mercenary now. That means I'll do what my employer asks of me—within reason, of course.
I never expected to be recruited as a ninja, though. I think Hyperion is bewildered by it too.
Ninja earn a living in the shadows, risking their lives to keep their lords safe.
I've...had bad luck with lords. As a knight, all I ever wanted was to swear fealty with a clean conscience.
Askr has given me that, in a way. Here, I can take pride in fighting to protect the people.
As a ninja and a knight, you can count on me to serve with devotion. Thank you for inviting me to this festival.





오의 발동

I'll finish you off!仕留めてやる
All part of the job.これも任務だ
For my lord!主のために!
Watch these arrows fly!この弓をもって!


Now I've done it...ああ…やっちまった…


A festival from another world, huh? Makes sense... This outfit is something else.異国の祭りか…こんな格好は初めてだ。
Huh?! Oh, it's you. I didn't think you could sneak up on me.うわっ!? …あんた、気配消すのうまいな。
Hyperion's a bit sluggish. He may have eaten too much. Come on, buddy, stay sharp!ハイペリオンがご馳走もらって眠くなったみたいで…おい、頼むぜ?
Being stealthy on the back of a wyvern is no easy feat. Hyperion's not subtle.飛竜に乗って目立たないようにってのも難しいな…
Honestly, I have a hard time not breaking cover. I'm liable to say what I really think.俺は密偵だの諜報だのには向いてないんだ。すぐ熱くなるからな…
Commander Vaida... She could pull off an assassination without a hitch.ヴァイダ隊長なら、暗殺任務も完璧にこなすんだろうな…
I could dig up your deepest, darkest secrets... Hah! Relax, I'm only kidding.あんたの秘密も探ってやろうか? ははっ、何てな。

아군 턴 터치

Let's apply some pressure.どう攻める?
I'll go silently.忍ぶか…

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