패왕의 계보 아름/대사


Was it you who called me here? If you're in a bind, I can lend a hand. I'm Alm. Happy to be of service.僕を呼んだのは君かい?困っているなら力になるよ。僕はアルム。よろしくね。

So many Heroes here, and so many wearing such...exciting outfits! Has Celica worn anything like that too?この城にはたくさんの英雄がいるけど、刺激の強い格好をしている人も多いね。セリカも、ああいうの着るのかな…?
Even if the people recognize me as the heir to the throne, it still doesn't feel real to me...
Still...I must do my best to live up to what's expected of my station.
How many missions is that today? I don't enjoy sitting still either, but even you must rest sometime.また任務かい?僕もじっとしているのは苦手だけど君もちゃんと休まないと駄目だよ。
This armor has been passed down through the generations in Rigel... It weighs...heavy on my shoulders.リゲルに受け継がれてきた古の衣装、か…身の引き締まる思いがするよ。
Even now, I can't neglect my training. The people of Rigel would reject me if I were to grow too weak, after all...今も剣の訓練は欠かしていないよ。リゲルの人たちは、強くないとなかなか認めてくれないからね。

친구 방문

I'm Alm. I've come to formally offer a greeting. And to admire this castle you have, [Summoner].僕はアルム。挨拶廻りをしてるんだ。[召喚師]さんのお城も素敵なところだね。

레벨 업

All right! I'm feeling nimble and ready. Let's keep this up!よし!体が軽いや、この調子でいこう!
If I'm to stand shoulder to shoulder with renowned heroes, I've got to grow even stronger than I am now!古今の英雄に並び立とうというなら、もっと強くならないと!
I thought I felt some power well up inside me... Was it my imagination?いま、湧き上がる力を感じたんだけど…気のせいだったかな?


So this is my new ability, is it? I'll do my best to put it to good use.これが僕の新しい力か…ありがとう、もっと頑張るよ。

5성 40레벨 달성

Growing up in a village, I never had to think about my country or how it fit in the world.
That's why—to tell you the truth— I can't help but wonder if I'm truly meant for something like this...
But still, I can't give up. I must forge ahead with all of my might, like when I was entrusted with the Deliverance.
Besides, I have so many friends who are working alongside me: Celica, and my comrades in the Deliverance...
And above all, the calls of those who brought me here drive me to build a world where we shape our own lives!




I won't lose!負けない…!

오의 발동

Worry no more!もう大丈夫さ!
Trust me now!僕を信じて!
Not a chance!こんな奴ら!
You leave me no choice!戦うしかないんだ!




They say this armor has been passed down in Rigel since ages long past. Does it...suit me?この鎧は、リゲルに古くから伝わるものらしいんだ。似合うかな?
GAH! Oh, it's you... Mind greeting me normally next time?うわぁっ! …もう、また君か。普通に声をかけてくれよ。
I'm told Celica wore an unusual outfit like this before. I would've liked to see that.セリカも珍しい衣装を着たことがあるんだって。見てみたいなあ。
It wasn't so long ago that I called Sir Mycen my grandfather.マイセンじいさんのこと、ちょっと前まではじいちゃんって呼んでたんだ。
Skilled Heroes abound in this place! I mustn't fall behind!ここは腕の立つ英雄だらけだね。僕も負けてられないや。
Perhaps, one day, I'll meet Berkut in this world... And maybe Father too...父さん、ベルクト…この世界でなら、いつか会うことができるのかな…
You called out, so I'm here to help. I'm grateful for your trust.君が僕を求めてくれたから、僕はここにいられる。…ありがとう。

아군 턴 터치

I stand ready!やってやる!
What's next?どうしよう…
I'm on it!行くぞ!

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