젊은 불꽃 아젤/대사


I am Azelle of House Velthomer. Though my magic cannot compare to my brother's, it is at your disposal.僕はヴェルトマー家の公子、アゼルです。兄のアルヴィスには及びませんが、この魔法の力がお役に立つなら幸いです。

My brother, Arvis, is a remarkable man. Yet for all he has given to our nation, there are...times I fear him.兄のアルヴィスは人並み外れた才能で国の重鎮を立派に勤めているんですよ。でも時々…あの人を怖く感じてしまう……
Princess Sharena is a gentle, if slightly boisterous, person. In truth, she reminds me of someone dear...シャロン王女はちょっとだけ騒々しいけど、とても素直で優しい人ですね。あの人に、似てる……かな?
You always seem so busy. If there is ever any way I can aid you, please do not hesitate to ask.今日もまたお忙しそうですね。僕に手伝えることがあったら何でも言ってくださいね。
I cannot seem to find the castle library. Could you show me the way, [Summoner]?あ、[召喚師]さん。この城に書庫はありますか?よかったら案内してほしいです。
Riders charging to the front lines... Spells of all types to consider... There are so many tactics to account for.騎馬や天馬に乗り、積極的に前線へ…魔法での戦い方にも色々あるんですね。驚くことばかりですよ。

친구 방문

Greetings. My name is Azelle. It is always a pleasure to meet an ally of [Friend].こんにちは、僕はアゼル。[フレンド]さんとこれからも仲良くしてくださいね。

레벨 업

I feel new strength burning within. This was the power of crusader Fjalar...and now, of me!体の中で、何かが燃えている……!確かに感じる………そうか、これが魔法戦士ファラの…僕の力なんだ!
My words and deeds must always be worthy of House Velthomer.ヴェルトマーの者として恥ずかしくない働きをしなくては。
Would that I had the talent...わかってる、僕には才能がない…


This strength will not go to waste.ありがとうございます。僕、もっとがんばりますから!

5성 40레벨 달성

I left House Velthomer behind to save someone I cared for... It's a little embarrassing to remember it now.
Leaving allowed me to experience the world, meet dear friends, and witness the upheaval of war firsthand.
Certainly it would have been safer to stay at home, but I would have been crushed in the shadow of my brother.
Now, after being summoned here by you and battling alongside the Order of Heroes...
I am pleased to say that I have come to know myself in a new way. I can stand alongside you with confidence.
I only hope that I may continue to serve, and that we all live to see the day when peace comes to this world.





오의 발동

I, too, shall be strong!ぼくも強く!
You will pay!よくも!


Please... Carry on...後は…頼んだよ…


I am Azelle, from the house of Velthomer. I may be no match for my brother, but all the same, I am happy to be here.ぼくはヴェルトマー家のアゼル。兄のように優秀ではないけど…
Whoa there! You gave me a fright!わわっ!? び、びっくりしたよ…
Arvis...he was more than a brother to me. More than a father, even. But now...兄のアルヴィスは…ぼくにとっては父親以上の存在だった。でも…
Lord Sigurd has such a warm mien. The contrast with my brother could not be more stark.シグルド公子は、暖かい人だね。兄とは全然違う…
I must be a burden to Arvis—just a talentless younger brother.できの悪い弟なんて、兄にとっては足手まといなだけだから…
I'll find my own path.ぼくには、ぼくの生き方がある…
No matter what happens, you are welcome to speak to me about it. I want to help you as much as I am able.何かあったら遠慮せずに言って。いつでも君の力になるから…

아군 턴 터치

And what now?どうしよう…?
Me? Are you sure?僕でいい?

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